Travel Tips for The UK

Travel Tips for the UK: Why Travel?

Travel Tips for the UK

St. Mary's Church, Carew, Wales

Travel tips for the UK will help make your trip complete. ┬áBut why travel in the first place? Travel is an adventure – you are leaving behind your normal, everyday life in order to experience another culture. Traveling is one of the best ways to learn about the world, and to learn about yourself. When you travel, you are cut loose from the support that you normally have at home, and you must learn to function on your own. This feeling is exhilarating.

Traveling in the United Kingdom

Each year, I spend some time in the United Kingdom. I love to visit the UK. Most people avoid international travel because they think it is “too expensive.” I’ll be the first to say that it is a lot more expensive right now than usual, but I still find, with a little bit of planning, that it is as cheap as most American destinations. I typically stay in London for a few days before moving out into the countryside where it is much cheaper. I find it easy to drive in the UK, so I am in charge of where I’m going instead of being dependent on others for transportation. So, how do I make the trip fairly inexpensive?

Travel On a Budget

First, I look for deals on hotels or bed and breakfasts. I usually stay at the Travelodge chain. It’s clean and functional. Since I’m only in my room to sleep, it serves its purpose well.

Second, I watch what I eat. It is so easy to spend a fortune on food, when you can get a comparable meal for cheaper elsewhere. I plan ahead to see where I might eat, and I normally eat at pubs. In fact, I often go to Boots and get its sandwich deal for lunch. I then find a nice place and have a picnic. It’s relaxing, quicker, and much cheaper than a restaurant.

I rent a car through a discount site such as I’ve never had any problem doing this, and in fact have saved as much as $400 on a two week rental. That’s a substantial savings that I can put toward food, attractions, and gas. I try to rent an economy or compact car that I know gets good gas mileage.

Travel tips for the UK

Wallingford Castle Ruins

Finally, I try to see as many free attractions as I can. I add up the costs of the places I plan to visit and then decide if a London Pass or a Great British Heritage Pass will be my best buy. Sometimes I am better off going without a Great British Heritage Pass,like I will be this year, but other years the pass has saved me a lot of money.

You can see the world with just a little pre-planning. Enjoy your travel with these travel tips for the UK.


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