Top Tips to Book Your Own Flight

A great way to find travel deals is to learn the secrets of how to book your own flights?  Watch the video to learn the top tips to book your own flights.  This video will teach a beginner how to search out the best deals and how to book your own flights.

How to Book Your Own Flight

First, clear your cookies. Then, go to (or Expedia, or Orbitz). I just generally start with Cheaptickets. Find the code for your airport. Once you’ve done that, plug in your dates. I usually search about six months in advance, but buy my tickets about one or two months out – unless I have found a super rate. After you’ve checked for a base rate, you can try to go to to see if you can find the flight cheaper. The video will give you a tutorial in how to do this. Learn to book your own flights to save yourself some money!

It’s not always easy to search out your own deals, but it is almost always worth it to book your own flight rather than pay someone else to search for you or to pay for a higher priced flight.


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