Tantallon Castle: Douglas Fortress

Tantallon Castle is, in a word, impressive.

From the moment I saw this enormous ruin hugging the cliff walls, I was enchanted. It is believed that the castle was built in the fourteenth century by William Douglas, a nephew of the ‘Good Sir James’, sometime after he murdered his godfather. This was not the bloodiest event to occur in the history of the Douglas clan. William was known to love the name Margaret. Both his wife and his mistress shared the name. His son from his mistress was named George and he would become the head of the Red Douglases.

With such an intriguing history, Tantallon is a gem to visit.

Tantallon as a Fortress

Tantallon's Curtain Wall

Tantallon Castle Curtain Wall

In the picture, you can see how mighty the curtain wall was. The guidebook said that the walls were almost 4 m thick! The tower on the left is the Douglas Tower, then the Mid Tower, and finally the East Tower. The Douglas tower is thought to have been the home of the private lodgings of the Earls of Angus.

In my earlier video blog about Tantallon, I mentioned that it is a bit off the beaten tourist path. However, it is close to other attractions, such as Bass Rock. Berwick-upon-Tweed is about thirty to forty minutes away. Tantallon is an easy day trip from Edinburgh (about a 40 minute drive) and is worth the trip.

Tantallon Castle Battlements

The Battlements at Tantallon

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