Solo Travel vs. Travel Partner

Not solo at Lalaria

The most beautiful beach in the world!

Today a myriad of options face you when you decide to go traveling – where to go? How much? Do I go solo or with friends? Deciding whether to go solo or with someone is often the hardest choice. Both options have benefits.

When traveling solo, you get to decide what the budget for the trip is. If you want to stay in hostels, you stay in hostels. If you want to grab a sandwich for lunch, you do it. If you want to skip a meal, you can (you can do this when you are with friends, too, but it’s harder to resist when someone is sitting next to you eating a juicy, tender steak).

When traveling with friends, you have the benefit of always having someone with whom to share costs. The rental car? Split down the middle (or in thirds, etc.). The hotel room? This can be as cheap as a hostel with someone to share the costs. Dinner for two is sometimes cheaper than dinner for one.

Both going solo and being with friends has benefits. The best way to decide is to figure out what you want from this trip. My last trip was planned totally around genealogical research. It is highly doubtful that someone else would have enjoyed going to parish churches with me. Also, it’s quite thrilling to be in a castle that one of your ancestors owned, even if it’s just a ruin. Not so interesting and amazing for someone else to stare at a rock. So my trip was focused on me, and it needed to be solo.

I’ve done other trips where I’ve occasionally put in a genealogical theme, but I’ve also offset it by making sure everyone on the trip had at least one thing they enjoyed as well. It’s a matter of balance when it is several people.

Whichever you decide, make it your vacation. Focus on the things that you and your friends want to do. Why go to a castle just because it is on the “tourist” destination if you have no desire to see it? Do what makes you and your fellow travelers happy.

Take a trip and make it your own!


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