Solo Travel for Women: Going Your Own Way

Solo Travel in harbour

Take time for yourself!

When I am unable to find someone to travel with me, I go solo.  It’s not worth missing out on a trip just because I couldn’t find someone else who wanted to go.  Very rarely have I ever felt worried or frightened.  However, a few solo travel tips can help make any adventure safer and more fun. I have found that many women are afraid to travel alone, as they fear it will open them up to unwanted advances from men. They also fear that they will be lonely or bored.

You can easily remedy these fears by taking a few precautions.  The tips below should help you feel more at ease on your solo journey.

1. Remember why you decided to go. Why did you want to go to London (for example)? Was it because there was so much you wanted to see on your own? Or was it because the lure of the location outweighed not being able to find someone else willing or able to go with you? Remember your desire to see the location and let that outweigh your loneliness.  With Skype and other means of communication, your friends are family are not that far away!

2. Take precautions. Even if you were traveling with a friend instead of traveling solo, you would still take precautions. Make sure your door is locked at night. Watch your surroundings. Don’t go off with strange people. Basically, just use your common sense. People are generally friendly, and I’ve often been helped abroad by strangers. However, I wouldn’t get in a car with someone I did not know or go down a deserted street by myself.

3. Value your own company. One of my favorite parts of traveling abroad is the time I get to experience finding out more about myself. I learned that I can handle emergencies without having to turn to someone else for advice. I’ve learned that I like being alone at times. Take some time to find out about yourself while you are on your own. What do YOU like? Most women at heart are caregivers and look out for other people. Learn to look out for yourself.

4. Learn to eat alone. One of the hardest parts of solo travel is the nightly meal. It’s hard to sit alone while others are dining together. However, this is a great time to discover a culture! People watch while you dine. Make up stories about the people you see.

Don’t feel uncomfortable, either. Most people are admiring you for being able to be alone – it is a hard feat to be that comfortable with yourself.

Another way to enjoy your evening meal is to plan your next day. When you travel solo, it is often harder to navigate. So make sure you plan out your next day’s route ahead of time. Also, you can use this time to write in a journal about your day’s discoveries. My journals are so fun to go back and reread.   It’s like living the trip over again.

5. Enjoy the adventure! The best thing about solo travel is that you get to choose what you are going to do. No traipsing through museums you aren’t interested in so that your friend gets to see a certain painting. No going to dinner at restaurants you abhor! You choose. If you want to spend all day exploring a Scottish castle ruin, go ahead. Enjoy yourself. Also enjoy the fact that you’ve traveled on your own budget!

Solo travel for women is all about staying safe and enjoying yourself.




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