Packing 101

Packing. How much is too much? What will I need? How do I pack? These are questions that I get a LOT. To be honest, I am a pack rat. I rarely throw anything away because I am afraid I will need it later. This has often come across in my packing. “I might need that”, I thought, so into the bag it went.

It took my last two trips to the UK to break me of this nonsense. I learned that I don’t have to take everything. Most places will have toothpaste if I run out, so the small tube works. Most places have laundry facilities, so if necessary, I can use one (don’t ever plan to, but I COULD). Generally, I buy clothes that I can rinse out in the sink, hang to dry, and wear.

My last trip was so freeing, because I packed a carry-on type bag for two weeks. I did have a backpack as well, because that is where I carry my notebooks, etc. What a much better experience.

So my advice? Pack light. You won’t regret it!


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