My First Book Review – the lost girls

I was wandering around looking at the travel section of my local bookstore when a book caught my eye.  The title was the lost girls: three friends, four continents, one unconventional detour around the world.  (The case setting is not a typo – it was all lower case).  Loving to travel, I picked it up, thinking it might be a good read.  It turned out to be a “great” read…one of those, “I can’t put this book down” reads. 

The book chronicles the year-long journey that these three 20-something girls took around the  world.  Unlike many people who dream of ditching their jobs to travel, these three girls DID it.  Their adventures range from the wacky to the extremely serious.  The book makes you look at your life in different ways.  I highly encourage you to pick up this life-changing book (and yes, I do feel that strongly about the book!) today.

The link below is my affiliate link with Amazon.  If you purchase the book here, I will get credit for it.  Thanks!

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