Henry VIII: Along the Thames

Henry VIII

Henry VIII and Greenwich Palace

A lifelong fascination with Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, and the other Tudors led me to visit Greenwich on a bright, sunny day in June. Fortunate enough to have a friend who is a solid source of information on the Tudors as a guide, I set out to discover more about the area. Valerie, my guide, met us for a ride down the Thames. Along the way, she pointed out Henry VIII and other tudor-related sites and explained the historical significance of each. If you have never taken the boat from Westminster Pier to Greenwich, I suggest you do so on your next visit to London. It’s an experience worth repeating.


Once we arrived at the Palace, Valerie reminded me that Henry VIII had been born here on June 28, 1491. We took a picture by the pavement that shows this.

Greenwich Palace

Henry VIII stone at Greenwich

The palace had been built by his father, Henry VII. While none of the original palace remains, Valerie was able to make it come alive for us by showing the dimensions of the Tudor palace. The easiest way to picture it is that it mainly fits within the green of the current palace.


The Painted Gallery

The Painted Gallery

After we took a decidedly un-Tudor break to see the painted ceilings (which I fell in love with) of the Painted Gallery, we went to see the tiltyard area where Henry VIII and the rest of the Tudors had jousting matches. This is where Anne Boleyn would have been on that fateful May day.


After revelling in the Tudor era, we took some time to walk up to the Royal Observatory. It was well worth it. A visit to Greenwich is a must on anyone’s United Kingdom visit, especially if you enjoy Henry VIII and the other Tudors!

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Watch the video of my Henry VIII tour and see these sites for yourself!


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