Manorbier and Tenby

One of the major reasons I like planning my own budget vacation is the flexibility I have in decision making. The day I went to Carew, this factor was brought home to me. In a discussion with the owner of High Noon Guest House, my B&B in Pembroke, he mentioned that I should go to Manorbier. I was able to add it in to my day, and boy, I’m glad I did. After a short visit to Haverfordwest to see the castle ruins, I headed on to Manorbier. In all seriousness, I don’t think I’ve ever seen as tiny of a road as I was on going to Manorbier (I think I took the local route – which turned out to be a shortcut).

My main reason for going to Manorbier was the castle, and I took my time exploring it. The castle’s main claim to fame is that the scholar Gerald of Wales was born here. There are a few recreations in the castle, and it boasts a beautiful assortment of flowers within the ruins of the keep. Wandering around looking at each vividly-colored plant kept my attention. Manorbier castle also has tremendous views of the beach and sea, which was my next destination!

Manorbier Beach

I walked out onto the beach, which had a clear stream of water leading down to the water. The contrasting colors of the rocky white sand, the black and green of the foliage-covered rocks, and the brilliant aquamarine of the water was a sight to behold. I’m attracted to water; I was raised on the lake, and I just love to watch it. While on the beach I met an American who now lives in the area. It’s amazing how many people you can meet on vacation if you simply smile and say “hello.” I stood there gazing out at the cliffs and reflected on a question that my 20-year-old brother asked me -“Why don’t you just go to the beach?” I laughed to myself, because I had come to the beach, just not the beach he meant.

I simply had to treat myself to an ice-cream, so I walked to the ice-cream van and struck up a conversation with the gentleman serving the delicious treat. I told him I was low on petrol, and since I hadn’t seen a station nearby, I asked him if he knew of one close. He told me that I could find petrol on the road to Tenby.

Tenby rang a bell for me, and given the fact that I was free to choose what I wanted to do, I headed that way.

After filling up on petrol, I headed into town. I parked and walked into the city centre. Although I had thought the beach at Manorbier was lovely, I was now confronted with one of the best beaches for sports that I had ever seen.

Tenby beach

I walked towards a restaurant with a view, because I wanted to sit and stare at this beach for a while. My restaurant overlooked the harbour.

After a delicious meal of steak-and-ale pie at the Candy, I headed to my temporary home in Pembroke.

Remember that choosing to divorce your travel agent often makes great sense! For another Welsh destination that is a great place to visit, check out Carew Castle.

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