The Green Bridge…Wales

Green Bridge in Wales

Green Bridge in Wales

Wales is full of interesting castles and ancient history, but it is also well known for its amazing walks. Walks are a great way to see a country on a budget! Even the novice walker has access to sites such as the Green Bridge. The Green Bridge is located in Pembrokeshire, one of my favorite areas in Wales. It is near Stack Rocks, another interesting place to visit. To get to the Green Bridge you just follow the signs towards Stack Rocks. The formation is near Bosherton.


The day I went to the Green Bridge was a hazy, cloudy day, but the natural rock formation was still stark and beautiful. The wind was strong, and my desire to walk out on to the Bridge was at war with my common sense. With one of my best friends looking on and begging me not to do it, I hesitantly took a few steps on to the bridge.

I don’t recommend it! Despite the amazing pictures others have taken on the bridge, it is a dangerous thing to do. Luckily, Naomi had better sense than either Katherine or myself. Hugging the edge, I made it a few feet, waved for the picture, and jumped back up the trail as quickly as possible. Katherine was a bit braver. Take my word for it. View the bridge from the viewing platform. It is more ecologically friendly and a whole lot safer.

The Green Bridge is great – you can come back home and brag about the cliff walk you took in Wales…and you’ll have spectacular pictures to prove it.

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