Five Tips for Packing Light

The secret to packing light is to figure out what you can (and cannot) live without on your trip. Use the five tips below to add to your packing experience.

1. Pick a color scheme and stick to it. I have a favorite shirt. It’s a bright, bright color and will only go with jeans. I don’t pack that shirt. I pack mainly jeans and black/brown combinations. Pack items that will go with more than one other item. For example, every shirt I take has to match at least two of the pants I take.

2. Pack wash and wear items. I hate laundromats; I buy wash and wear items. Each night I pick one or two things to rinse out in the sink. I then hang them to dry and they are ready to repack (or wear) in the morning.

3. Consider whether or not you will be going into any churches or mosques that will not allow bare arms. A scarf will work quite nicely as a cover for your arms. Pack one that is versatile.

4. Buy a tide pen and pack it. You will be surprised at how many times you will need it.

5. Pack travel versions of tooth paste and shampoo. You can buy these products almost anywhere. It’s fun to see what products stores carry in other countries.

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