Dunrobin Castle, Scotland

Dunrobin Castle

Dunrobin Castle

Dunrobin: Highland Castle

I almost missed Dunrobin castle. We were in Scotland for the Homecoming and were driving up towards Scrabster when we saw these towers looming in the distance. Intrigued, we pulled in to the castle parking lot. Wow! I am usually a castle ruins kind of gal, but this castle is amazing. As you ascend the main staircase, you see hunting trophies along the wall, letting you know that the former occupants of the home were avid hunters. The lavish Victorian dining room is laid out exactly as it would have been for the time period. As you move through the rooms, you will see family portraits everywhere. My favorite is the Duchess Eileen. You can even see the ruins of the 13th century keep as you meander through the other rooms.

Dunrobin Gardens

Once you exit the castle, DON’T leave! The best is yet to come. The gardens of the castle are extravagant. Here you will find trees, pruned bushes, picnic areas, and even ice cream! The Gulf Stream allows for milder winters here, and the plants are amazing. Plan to spend at least 30 minutes wandering through the gardens.

Dunrobin Gardens

Dunrobin Gardens

Dunrobin Castle Museum

I am not a naturalist museum person. I was not looking forward to going into the museum, but my friends wanted to go. I went in thinking I’d be bored. Not a chance. I wasn’t taken by the animal heads hanging on the wall, but the information on the various species of animals was fascinating. Even more interesting were the other artifacts that had been gathered. But my favorite section was the Pictish stones. I was in the museum for quite a while.

Dunrobin Entrance

Dunrobin Castle Entrance

Dunrobin castle deserves at least three hours of your time. Because we had flexibility (we were driving ourselves and had booked our own rooms for the night) we had all the time we needed to see the castle. Divorcing your travel agent and booking your own trip gives you flexibility. Why not start today?

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