Driving Overseas

Driving Overseas

I get so many questions about driving overseas.  Should I do it? Is it hard (this one especially comes when people are asking about the UK).  It is my preferred mode of travel.  When driving overseas, you have the unique ability to design your own trip.  You don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself.  No deadlines, train schedules, or tour buses for you!

Driving Overseas: Where do I Start

After I book my car, I do research to see how much I can reasonably accomplish in one day.  I pad about an hour to the estimates that rac.co.uk gives me, just in case we have to stop to eat or stop for gas.  I also use a road atlas to map out the trip.  While I trust RAC and MapQuest to produce time estimates, I prefer the old-fashioned way to map it out, as I can get a clear overview of where everything is.  Also, I once spent a half-hour looking for a road that a driving directions site gave me.  It didn’t exist.  After mapping it out, I estimate the mileage for the whole trip, multiply it times the average cost for petrol and estimate how much I will spend.  For more information, watch my video on driving overseas.


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