Divorce Your Travel Agent!

Every year, I am amazed at the number of people who are using a travel agent to book their trip. If you are trying to book an inexpensive trip, you can often do it just as well (or even better, in fact) by divorcing your travel agent and looking yourself. Now, if you are just looking for someone else to do it for you to save you time, then by all means use a travel agent. But, it’s an easy process to learn. I did it, so anyone can!

Each summer, I get inundated with calls from friends asking me to help them find a good deal on airfare. While I don’t mind helping (in fact, I enjoy it), it’s an easy skill to learn. Try a site like Kayak and search daily. Clear your cookies EACH and EVERY time so that the site doesn’t recognize you. I find good luck with CheapTickets.com, but then again, I search at least three times a day. Sometimes weeks will go by without the price dropping dramatically, but then it will plummet all at once. You have to be ready to grab it.

Just be prepared to spend a little time to save a LOT of money! One time I lucked into a hotel chain that has saved me a fortune by simply typing “Cheap hotel in the UK” into Google. I’ve stayed there at least once on every trip since then.

Another good source is to read some of my earlier blogs (shameless plug) Dream Trip

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