Compton Castle and Traveling Off the Beaten Path

Compton castle in Devon was one of my favorite places I visited on my last trip to the United Kingdom. It’s a bit out of the way, but over the years, some of my favorite travel adventures have been off the beaten path. By planning my own travel, I was able to go see Compton castle, which I wanted to do because of a supposed family connection. Had I been on a tour it is highly doubtful I could have seen this manor house – the road does not lend itself to large commercial vehicles.

Sir Humphrey Gilbert and Compton Castle

Compton castle was home to Sir Humphrey Gilbert, known for attempt at colonization in Newfoundland. He was also the half-brother of Sir Walter Raleigh. Humphrey’s mother, Katherine Champernowne, remarried after Humphrey’s father died. For those interested in Tudor history, this Katherine Champernowne was the niece of Kat Ashley (governess of Queen Elizabeth I).

Sir Humphrey Gilbert's home

Compton Castle

To get to the castle it is necessary to travel down a very small road, but because I rented my own car and planned my own trip, I was easily able to navigate down the road.

Going Off the Beaten Path

If you want to go off the beaten path, you need to plan the general areas you want to visit. Since I knew that Compton was one of my must-sees, I figured what else I could see in that area. Devon is rich in attractions, so that was not a problem! You can quickly do the same thing with just a few minutes on the Internet.

Compton Castle

Take some time, plan your own trip and head off the beaten path today!
Happy Travels!


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