Christmas Travel Tips

Tips for Christmas travel

Traveling at Christmas can be stressful

Christmas Travel Tips

Christmas travel – It’s one of the busiest travel times of the year. People are flying home to visit family and friends. The airports are crowded and people are stressed. You want to have the smoothest travel possible. Christmas travel tips can help ensure that you have a good experience.

1. Call ahead to make sure your flight is on time. Call the airlines to verify that you will be leaving on time and that your flight has not been cancelled or delayed. It is easier to call the airline directly to fix travel problems than to stand in line at a desk.

2. Read the TSA security guidelines. Know how to get through the line as quick and as easy as possible. Allow yourself extra time because of the new security procedures.

3. Don’t prewrap gifts that are in your carry on. TSA will unwrap them. It’s better to know this in advance than to be disappointed that the beautiful paper you wrapped your gift in is on the airport floor.

4. Be prepared for stressors. Christmas travel is almost always stressful. Knowing in advance what might stress you out will keep you calmer.

5. Relax. There are some things you cannot change. If your plane is delayed due to weather conditions, screaming about it will not change the issue. It’s best to stay calm and see what can be done.

Keeping the above Christmas travel tips in mind will help you have a safer (and saner!) Christmas trip.


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