Budget Travel – Decisions!

I am always looking for ways to budget travel.  Now, I am about to embark on a trip to New York city. Prices right now are out of budget range to fly, so I’m considering renting a car and driving. It’s a long journey, but I think I can make it interesting by breaking it up with a stop in Philadelphia. I have a budget of $1000 for two people for one week, and it looks as if I will be able to stay in my budget travel range. Making decisions like this is part of being a budget traveler. It is fine to go without a budget if you can afford to travel this way, but for most of us – we need a budget and need to stick to it!

I know that things will occur that might put me out of my budget range, but at least I know WHAT I am shooting for, which will allow me to make wise decisions. I plan to enjoy myself and not count every penny (that is just too stressful) but I also do not want to come home broke.

Making decisions is important when you are trying to remain within budget parameters. It’s difficult, but not impossible, to travel on a budget. Best wishes on your travel journeys –  and remember to budget travel!

For more information on budget travel, read How to Travel in a Bad Economy.



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