Adventures in Greece

Skiathos from the old townGreece. Paradise. These two words are synonymous. Skiathos, a pine-covered island dropped like a pearl into the Aegean Sea, was the location I chose when I decided to visit Greece. In early June, Skiathos was uncrowded, yet still warm enough to enjoy.

In order to get a better deal on airfare, I booked a round trip ticket from my hometown to London. Then I secured a flight on Thomson Airlines. By doing this I saved several hundred dollars. It’s a bit scary to do this, because if one of your flights is delayed and you miss your other plane, there is not much recourse for you. I made sure my flight back to London was the day before my other flight was to leave, just to be safe.

Landing in Skiathos is an adventure in itself. The tiny runway sits between the bay and the sea. If you overshoot, well let’s hope you don’t!

Tiny runway in Skiathos

Tiny runway in Skiathos

As you can see, the runway is short. VERY SHORT. For a quick thrill, you can get close to the runway and watch the planes dip over the bay and land. It’s amazing to watch.

Next time, I will post about our wonderful hotel and George, our maître d’.

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